Get Involved


We are seeking people who can volunteer their time to help build a more just, equitable, and sustainable democratic future. This is a great opportunity for those who are interested in civic action, public engagement and continuous learning. If you are would like to volunteer in the following capacity, email us at:
• Pre-event Set Up
• Post-event Clean Up
• Event Hosting (Greeting & Sign-Ins)
• Monthly Planning


If you have specialized knowledge and expertise on a topic below and would like to lead a workshop, please contact us at:
• Civics 101
• How to write letters, petitions & op-eds
• How to talk to kids about current events
• How to boycott with your dollars
• Cybersecurity—how to be safe online
• How to spot fake news
• Craft your own mission statement
• Justice 101 Series: Racial Justice
• Justice 101 Series: Meet a Muslim!
• Justice 101 Series: Reproductive Justice
• Justice 101 Series: LGBTQ Rights
• Justice 101 Series: Economic Justice
• Justice 101 Series: Environmental Justice
• Justice 101 Series: Able-ism
• Justice 101 Series: Refugees
• Justice 101 Series: Immigration
• Justice 101 Series: Labor rights/worker rights
• Safety net education
• How to leverage your privilege for social justice